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Caveat Loan / Second Mortgage

A caveat loan is a short-term loan that is secured against a property or another asset. Caveat loans are designed to be quick, with settlement often possible within 48hrs. Loan terms can be up to 24 months, although many customers choose a shorter term for faster repayments. Because a caveat loan is secured against an asset such as real estate, there’s no proof of income needed, so this kind of loan can be useful if you’ve been turned down for other financial products.

First Mortgage

We can provide options for low doc or no doc first mortgages which will allow you to access fast cash that you may need for your business cash flow. A fast and safe way to assist your business through tough times or times of fast growth.

Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance, or a bridging loan works as a short term loan that finances the purchase of a new property while you are selling your existing property. Bridging loan can also provide finance to build a new home while you live in your current home

Development Funding

With the large number of developments happening around the country a lot of larger financial institutions are turning away from lending to developers unless they are prepared to presell 50%-70% of the development before finance is obtained. We have a long list of lenders who do not require any presales and happy to start funding at the start of the build or jump in mid build when they are required.

Residual Stock Loan

Residual Stock loans are designed for property developers who have completed development but have not sold all the units, townhouses, or Houses in the development. You can fund the remaining dwellings and as you sell them off you reduce your loan amount. 

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